Marina Slip Availability

Welcome to the Port of St. Helens interactive dock slip management tool. Use the map below and hover over any slip to learn about its specs, availability, and pricing.

Features include:

Public access:

  • 3-lane boat ramp
  • Nature walking trails
  • Gazebo and picnic area (reservations required for special events)
  • Public restroom (no showers)
  • Truck & Trailer parking
  • Vehicle parking
  • Depth of water runs from 6-10 feet
  • Scappoose Bay Paddling Center

Within the security fence:

  • Approx. 100 boat slips
  • 25 boat houses
  • 3 floating homes
Available Slips
Rented Slips
Monthly Amounts
Dock B20 ft slip: $74/month
Dock C - Left25 ft slip: $92/month
Dock C - Right30 ft slip: $145/month
Dock D30 ft slip: $183/month
Open Moorage with Utilities$4.82/ft × boat length
Open Moorage without Utilities$3.70/ft × boat length, A-Dock $17 per night
0–800 ft²
801–1000 ft²
1000+ ft²

$0.1521/ ft²
Floating Home$0.2669 / ft²
Additional Floats$0.0689 / ft²
Boat Trailer Parking (tenant only)$25
Gazebo (per day)$40
Gazebo (deposit)$20
New Tenant Set-up Fee$30
Security Gate Card$15
Change Slip Fee$50

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