Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals Largely Denies Opponents’ Appeal of Columbia County’s Rezone at Port Westward

January 2, 2019

The Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) has rejected eight of nine assignments of error from the opponents in the legal appeal of Columbia County’s decision to rezone 837 acres at Port Westward near Clatskanie to allow for rural industrial uses.

“The port is pleased with LUBA’s decision to reject all but one of the opponents’ arguments,” said port executive director Doug Hayes. “LUBA has asked for additional information on one point, which is readily available. The Commission and the port will consider how best to move forward to bring economic development and prosperity to Columbia County and the port district.”

Port Westward is a deepwater port with existing dock facilities and direct access to the 43-foot navigation channel in the Columbia River.

“We are one of very few deepwater ports on the Columbia River. Since Columbia County approved the rezone last February, the port has received interest from multiple companies looking to invest in Port Westward with the potential of creating hundreds of jobs,” said Hayes.

The 837-acre expansion area at Port Westward will address the need, both at the local and state level, for industrial land. Prior to the rezone, there was little, if any, developable acreage at Port Westward not encumbered with wetlands, conservation easements, existing rural industrial facilities, transmission lines, and long-term leases.

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